•ATV Rollcages and Side Netting
     •Auger Drill Control
     •Automotive Fuel Systems
     •Automotive Crashworthiness and Aggessivity
     •Bearings - Automotive and Industrial
     •Concrete Mixer Truck Rollover
     •Crossbows / Compound Bows - Including Ravin R9 and R15 inadvertent discharges
     •Dock Leveler Failure     
     •Expert Witness Standard of Care
     Flare Pistols
     •Forklift Masts
     •Gas Furnaces
     •Glass / Glazing / Windows
     •Heavy Truck (Class VIII) Rollover Protection System (ROPS)
     •Machine Guards
     •Motorcoach / Bus Rollover Crashworthiness
     •Motorcycle Seal Oil Leak
     •Overhead Cranes
     •Pressure Cooker Explosions     
     •Rotary Mower Blade Ductility
     •Seat Belts
     •Sunroof Retention Capability
     •Tractor/Trailer Side Under-ride
     •Warehouse Storage Rack Failure
     •Warnings and Manuals
     •Water Pipe Corrosion
     •Window Regulators

"Excellent work. On cross examination, the opposing attorney tried to get some admissions through Dr. Batzer regarding my other expert's opinions. It was inappropriate, but I didn't object. I knew that Dr. Batzer could handle it. He was thoroughly fluent in the other expert's opinions , and effectively communicated the complex aspects of the case to the jury."

Mike Thomson, Esq.
Purvis Gray, LLP
Boulder, Colorado

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